Darmah is a multifunctional studio that specializes in production design. Coming from a video background, we technically develop ideas to deliver unique results.

From stage design, tours and performances, multimedia installations and more. Darmah strives to find and take advantage of the latest technology; integrating design with video, lighting and unique scenes to create unforgettable moments in any environment, whether it is a live event or broadcast. Attention to detail and extreme quality control are definitely part of our final delivery.

disguise STUDIO

Darmah has successfully been working with disguise Technologies’ video systems for the past eight years. Disguise is the most advanced video playback system in show business worldwide. The Eurovision Music Contest, The XLIX Super Bowl, and the U2 World Tour are some of the projects done with disguise technology.

Darmah is proud to be among the very first companies in the world to open a  disguise XR Studio. But, for us it is still definitely more about what you can accomplish  with the gear, than the gear itself. And, being able to pre-visualize your show is always a  plus when it comes to saving time.

Our clients can take advantage of the real-time 3D stage visualizer, our perfect  solution to design, and our top class presence and communication of ideas.